An Exciting Entertainment Experience that Blends original storytelling, creative music and talented art work into an unforgettable performance.


Each program features individuals who share personal stories from the heart—experiences that have impacted their lives, changed their perspective or forged a lasting memory. Their stories will evoke smiles, laughter and insights that may resonate with the audience.

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In addition to the house band who play songs that reinforce the evening’s theme, individual musicians will play original music to accompany each storyteller … then take center stage to play an original or cover song that compliments the storyteller’s message.
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Every show is enhanced by two talented artists whose original work enhances the moments unfolding on stage.  One artist captures the images and emotions of the performers in action while the other artist offers the audience a rendition of the stories being told. 

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Here what others are saying

"We love going to the show and seeing new talent--always a random mix of singing, storytelling, laughing and fun. "

-Rick Henry, Denver

"The Tale Spinner Lounge has been terrific for developing my career as a singer/songwriter."

-Bill DeMarco

"I love to perform on stage with the Tale Spinner Lounge ...amazing experience; great vibe.  I'm comfortable singing and seeing how the artist captures my song on canvas."

-Jenna Hobbler  14 year-old performer


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